The Right Business Move

Choose Mills Moving

If you’re moving your business, call us! We have many years  of experience in moving commercial businesses, from hair salons to  accounting offices. Our movers receive training for both residential and  commercial moves, and understand the challenges and complexity that can  come with larger-scale, commercial moving. 

More Than Just Moving

While we’re able to get your equipment and supplies from A to B, we can  also help you save time with our added on packing and unpacking  services. If required, we can pack up all of your stock and equipment  and can even unpack it for you at your destination. We shrink-wrap  larger items (a stronger alternative to bubble wrap) and arrange  everything in our trucks to maximize space, and to prevent damage. 

Short Term Storage Options

We can also arrange for secure storage for items such as sensitive  files, computer equipment, office furniture, and more. So what are you  waiting for? Give us a call today at our Vaughan location